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Summer Term

Mixed Age (0 - 3)Fridays2pm to 2.40pm

Class Prices

Please contact us at or on 07807 551 661 for further information.


To reserve your place, please complete the form below. You will be directed to Paypal where you can enter the total amount to pay, based on how many children you are bringing.


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For any enquiries, please email, or call us on 07807 551661.

Class Details:

Mixed Classes

Combining activities featured in our age specific classes, we use instruments, singing, rhymes, movement and dance to enhance your child’s musical experience and develop self-expression. Spending quality time with your child and learning new things together, will help strengthen the bond you share. 

Kiddibops Babies

Using a variety of props, instruments and puppets we will help your baby to explore and develop their senses through music. We use singing, movement and instruments to stimulate your baby and create a fun and bonding experience that you can continue at home.

Come along and meet other new moms whilst enjoying time with your little one.

Kiddibops Toddlers

Using a variety of instruments, props and puppets we will help your toddler to build confidence through music in a fun and creative way. We use singing, rhymes and playing instruments to develop speech and co-ordination, whilst helping them to learn valuable listening and concentration skills. Spending quality time with your toddler and learning new things together, will help strengthen the bond you share.

Kiddibops Preschoolers

Your little one is nearly ready for school and we want to make sure their skills and self-confidence are ready for the next big step.

Using stories, instruments and voices, we continue their musical journey, giving them the foundation for exploring other musical opportunities in school and beyond. Your child will sing, play instruments, conduct, compose and dance their way through our sessions. A lot of learning and a lot of fun!

Time with your preschooler is precious and flies so quickly. Spend it doing a quality activity together. It may bring out the musician in you too!