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rachel_tnRachel Pollard
Kiddibops Teacher

“Music has always been a passion. I loved singing from a very early age, and when I started Primary school my granddad starting teaching me the violin. It was no surprise that my love of music making throughout my childhood, would lead into my future career. “

I studied for my Creative Arts degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I majored in Music, and then went onto gain my PGCE in Music at The University of Huddersfield. I have been teaching Music in Secondary Schools for 20 years, the last 15 years as a Head of Music in schools in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.

I have always had a very ‘hands on’, practical approach to music, and my aim has always been to spread the joy and benefits of Music to children of all ages. I have recently become a mum to Albert (7 months), and I have watched him interact with instruments and respond to singing from his first weeks. . He has shown me how important it is that children are given opportunities to engage in music at a very young age.

Music teaches them so many skills that affect their relationships with people and their cognitive development. Giving them this opportunity before they get to school will automatically set them on the right path for effective learning across the whole school curriculum. I am thrilled that I will be accompanying my little boy’s musical adventure, and as a mum will be passing on skills to other mums to use at home. “

jane_tnJane Ebbon
Kiddibops Teacher

“Right from the very beginning, Music has always been an important part of my life. I remember playing on my first musical toy instruments when I was 3 years old, a keyboard and a plastic accordion! (I later moved onto piano and bassoon!)”

I trained at Anglia Ruskin University where I gained my BA in Music, and then went onto to study Music Education at UCE to gain my PGCE. I have worked in Music Education since 1997 teaching as a member of County Music Services, in both Primary and Secondary schools throughout the Midlands.

Although primarily a Woodwind specialist, I have also delivered whole class music to Primary schools as part of the Government’s ‘Wider Opportunities’ Scheme.

I am passionate about the benefits that music brings to a child’s development and I am excited to be part of this new venture, where we will be leading children in their first steps on their lifelong musical journey. “