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Meet the Team.

Kiddibops is proud to introduce our highly skilled and committed team.  Each one of us is a qualified teacher with (QTS) and a professional early years music specialist. We are all musicians and are passionate about music education.

We dedicate ourselves to delivering the best quality music-play classes that nurture musicianship, creativity and confidence in the youngest of children.

The Kiddibops team, with the help of their assistant Bramble Bunny,  use singing,  rhymes,  movement,  child led music-play, free-flow and directed instrument play in all Kiddibops sessions.

Kiddibops classes include a variety of activities that use music from different times, genres and cultures. Our sessions are sensory, but not over-stimulating. We only use simple songs to allow children to develop them at home in their private play, thus supporting deeper learning and transformative skills.

All sessions have a clear structure to ensure little ones feel safe and confident so they get the most out of their experience. We are all about building  genuine  relationships with our  children and respecting them as articulate musical beings. Rachel and the team keep up to date with new research relating to music-play, music practice and early learning development. Kiddibops is passionate about using music to develop social interaction and communication skills and delivers bespoke intervention sessions to support children with SEN.  Music is a significantly important tool in connecting with children who are non or pre-verbal and allows children with limited speech and language skills a way to communicate and express themselves using music as a protolanguage.

Kiddibops is also a Dementia Friend and runs popular and successful Intergenerational Music Classes in local residential homes to support well-being and cognition in dementia patients. These classes also encourage the growth of beautiful relationships between residents and local families.

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