About Kiddibops

Kiddibops is an Independent company that runs Music-Play Classes for children aged from birth to 5 years. 

Kiddibops was founded by Rachel Pollard,  who after teaching Music in secondary schools for over 20 years,  wanted to bring the joy and benefits of music-play to families of young children.  

Rachel Pollard DipHE, BA Hons, PGCE (Music) QTS

" After being blessed with my 2 little boys, and experiencing how important music was to us as a family and how we used it to connect with each other, I wanted to show other parents how much joy there is in music-play. Communicative musicality is in all of us, with music we can have our first conversations without words, share something beautiful and make social and emotional connections.  It's about allowing those moments to happen and knowing how to recognise them.  Parents just need a little confidence on how to do this, and I hope I can help bring some of that joy into their home."

"At the most influential stage and optimum time for learning in a person's life, we should be offering the best provision.  As a new parent we want to feed our babies and young children the best nutrition,  it should be the same for the brain and the heart.  Early learning experiences matter.  It is the parent and primary care-givers that are the most influential teachers and sources of early learning.  Classes should be about giving parents the support and confidence to embrace this role, it is the role of the practitioner to facilitate this." 

After having her 2 boys and trying a few large commercial "music" groups on offer to new parents in her local area, she realised that the many experiences being sold to parents of young children were disappointing and lacked any real understanding of music practice or early child development.  

Groups were led by class leaders with no musical training or qualifications in early years education.  There was little interaction and the activities were delivered without any focus or engagement.  The songs were all done with vocal recordings and the use of instruments was limited and with no real consideration of spontaneous music-play.

Rachel wanted to change this and offer classes that really make a difference.  Where babies, young children and their care-givers can express themselves and explore music through experimenting and playing together.

Rachel believes that the susceptible brains and minds of the very young, deserve the highest quality experiences, and this is what she aims to give to families and Early Years Settings.

Rachel uses her vast experience of working with children and knowledge of music practice,  to support parents in facilitating the wonderful shared experience of music play at home.  

Music has extra benefits that help support cognitive,  language,  social,  emotional and physical development. Rachel designs her classes to fit the needs of specific age groups and within those classes, the needs of individual children.

Her love of music and desire to support each and every one of her class members ensures that babies and children alike,  benefit from the joy and power of music making. 

Rachel, with the help of her assistant Bramble Bunny,  uses singing,  rhymes,  movement,  child led music play and directed instrument play in all of her sessions.

Her classes include a variety of activities that use music from different times and cultures to stimulate and energise the mind and body,  and to relax and unwind at the end of each session.

All sessions have a clear structure to ensure little ones feel confident and get the most out of their experience. Rachel keeps up to date with all new research relating to music-play, music practice and early learning development. She is particularly interested in using music to support children with SEND and speech and language delays. 

Rachel is a mother to 2 children with SEND, Early Years Music practitioner and dedicated teacher of music.  

She also delivers private tuition in violin, voice and music theory and music qualifications up to A Level and BTEC level 3.  She is currently studying an MA in Early Years Education (Music) at the Centre for Research in Early Childhood at Birmingham City University.