About Kiddibops

Kiddibops is an Independent company that runs Music Education Classes for children aged from birth to 5 years. 

It is the brainchild of Rachel Pollard,  who after teaching Music in secondary schools for over 20 years,  decided to concentrate on the use of music to support early learning development after the birth of her 2 children.

Rachel Pollard DipHE, BA Hons, PGCE QTS

Rachel uses her vast experience and understanding of music,  and its abilities to support cognitive,  language,  social and physical development,  to structure and deliver her classes to specific age groups.

Her love of music and desire to support each and every one of her class members ensures that babies and children alike,  benefit from the joy and power of music making. 

Rachel, with the help of her assistant Bramble Bunny,  uses singing,  rhymes,  movement,  creative music play and instruments in all of her sessions.

Her classes include a variety of activities that use music from different times and cultures to stimulate and energise the mind and body,  and to relax and unwind at the end of each session.

All sessions have a clear structure to ensure little ones feel confident and get the most out of their experience.  Rachel keeps up to date with all new research relating to music and learning development.  She is particularly interested in using music to support children with SEND and speech and language delays. 

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