At Kiddibops,  we're a bit different...

Kiddibops classes are designed to be interactive.  We want our parents to be immersing themselves in the joy of music-making with their little ones. 

We don't play recordings with vocals...we sing live;  no matter how bad we think we sound!  We don't just shake a maraca;  we use it to develop coordination and motor skills.  We have fun at Kiddibops,  but we also learn! 

We want that learning to carry on at home,  because we really do care about each individual child's development... that's why we're different. 

All Kiddibops classes have a recognisable 40 minute structure that remains consistent as your child progresses through the different age ranges.  This enables each child to build confidence through familiarity and routine.

All classes include rhythmic rhymes,  songs,  movement,  instructive instrument play and creative instrument play.  We also use scarves,  props,  puppets,  parachutes and books to engage and support learning.  

All our classes are inclusive and we welcome everybody.  We don't expect children at this age to sit still;  we want them to participate when they are ready to,  and process and express themselves in their own way. 

You'll be amazed how much they remember when you get them home,  even if you think they haven't been listening... 

At Kiddibops,  we know music,  we know kids and we know learning! 

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