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At Kiddibops,  we're a bit different...

Kiddibops classes are designed to be interactive.  We want our parents to be immersing themselves in the joy of music-making with their little ones. 

In all our classes we sing live. It's important for young children to experience live uncluttered singing where voices are easy to pick out.  This helps their speech and language development. 

All our children are given free access to instruments throughout the sessions so they can experiment and play with sound. This is all part of learning.  We love spontaneity and self expression. We like our children to feel confident in their own creative music-play.

All Kiddibops classes have a recognisable 40 minute structure that remains consistent as your child progresses through the different age ranges enabling each child to build confidence through familiarity and routine. Children learn best when they are comfortable and feel safe. Within this structure we introduce new ideas that are carefully scaffolded and then developed over time. 

All of our classes feature repetition.  Repetition is good for learning. We take familiar songs and make subtle changes, we don't bombard children with an ever-changing songlist.  Learning this way enables our children to feel confident with the material they hear and means they are more likely to be creative with musical ideas in their own play at home.

Every class features rhythmic rhymes,  songs,  movement,  guided instrument play and free flow instrument play.  We improvise together, share ideas and work as play partners.  We often use scarves,  props,  puppets,  parachutes, toys, bubbles and books to facilitate music-play and support learning. We sometimes use non-musical items to make music. We want our children to be imaginative and think outside the box.  Music can be incorporated into every aspect of play and we might ask you to bring along a toy train, a car or building blocks to a class so that we can use them in our session. 

We really know about early learning development and the way children learn. Children can be observers, movers and focussed players. Sometimes It may not look like learning to an adult, but children learn in a variety of ways, and a style that is unique to them. We know that they may not join in during the class, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that they are free to explore, create and play with the activities in their safe space and private play at home. This is what we want them to do. This is where the real learning happens.

We want to give parents the tools and the understanding to really support their child's musicality.

Musical interaction is communication, social interaction and the beginnings of language and conversation. It is creativity, self-expression, emotional connection and the start of a life-long love of music.

At Kiddibops,  we know music,  we know kids and we know learning! 

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