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Why Kiddibops Music Classes?
At Kiddibops,  we're a bit different...

Our Kiddibops classes are interactive. We encourage parents to immerse themselves in the joy of music-making with their little ones. We sing live in all our classes, which is important for young children's speech and language development.

During our sessions, we encourage children to explore and experiment with different musical instruments freely. We believe that spontaneity and self-expression are important aspects of learning. Our aim is to instill confidence in children to express themselves creatively through music and play.

Kiddibops classes have a consistent 40-minute structure that helps children build confidence through familiarity and routine. We introduce new ideas carefully and repeat familiar songs with subtle changes. Our classes feature rhythmic rhymes, songs, movement, guided instrument play, and free-flow instrument play. We encourage improvisation, idea-sharing, and play partnership between children.


Our classes cater to different learning styles and provide a safe space for children to explore, create, and play. Children may not appear to be learning during the class, but they are free to explore and create in their own unique way. We believe in giving parents the tools and understanding to support their child's musicality. Musical interaction is the start of a life-long love of music, creativity, and self-expression.

At Kiddibops,  we celebrate each child as a competent and creative musician.

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