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"We love Kiddibops! I first took my daughter at 5 weeks old to help her socialise and develop through music. Rachel is wonderful and mummy and baby both look forward to our Friday morning. It has been lovely to see Lexie's development over the last 4 months as she now actively participates and visibly enjoys herself. We hope to remain part of the Kiddbops family and will be returning with future babies! I recommend this group to everyone from birth to mummy/daddy age!! 🐰"  - Jo

"Ben loves this class. When he hears the “who’s got the bunny?” song at the start, his little eyes light up. It’s a really nice little group. Rachel is brilliant at engaging with the children and getting them involved with the musical activities. Plenty of useful activity songs to learn to do at home with your baby too. Pay as you go is a real bonus, or you can have a flexible prepaid card. If you miss a week, you don’t lose money, unlike so many other groups. I’d highly recommend it!" - Helen

"We’ve been attending Kiddibops since Denny was 5 weeks old, he’s now just about to turn 1. I can honestly say it’s his most favourite baby group that we have attended whilst I have been on maternity leave. Thankfully I’ll have Fridays off work so we can continue coming. 
Rachel is wonderful with all the babies and it’s so fantastic to see the development in each and every one of them with her enthusiasm, help and encouragement. X" - Niki

"Far and away our favourite baby group! My boy loves the music and getting his hands on the instruments, his coordination has really come along. And Rachel is lovely!" - Sarah

"I have been bringing my son Arthur to kiddibops since he was 3 months old. He absolutely loves it. Rachel is brilliant with the kids. Arthur is captivated and I really think it has helped develop his fine motor skills. I highly recommend the classes." - Rachel

"We have been attending for a short while and would be lost without it now! Rachel's passion and knowledge of music really shows and that's what makes the sessions so incredible. My daughters speech and confidence have developed so much over the past few months and it's wonderful to see her enjoying herself!  Highly recommend to all xx" - Kirsty

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