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"We had the best time every week exploring the instruments, music and rhythms. Seeing him progress to now being able to copy sounds, recognise songs and patterns and play the instruments and drum was so satisfying. I could not recommend Kiddibops enough, the classes are fun and so engaging for babies of any age" - Toni

From the moment they are born, babies possess a natural inclination towards music. They have the ability to detect pitch and rhythm at a very young age. As Charles Darwin once theorised, music could have been the first primitive form of communication before the evolution of speech in humans.


Our classes are designed to nurture and encourage this musicality in babies. We provide them with opportunities to experiment with their voices and express themselves through musical interaction. Using musical games and instruments, we help them develop cognitively and physically. 


Rather than simplifying our sessions, we celebrate our babies as competent, intelligent, and creative beings. We join them in their musical play, have fun and support them in this important first stage of early learning development.

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