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Kiddibops Newborn Development Course Video Package - for babies from birth to 12 weeks

At Kiddibops,  we're a bit different...

Our fabulous Newborn Development Course is now available for you to do at home.  This 6 session, workshop-style course is ideal for parents who want flexibility to work around new feeding routines and sleep patterns,  and who would like to do the course together as a family.  The course is also great for those mums recovering from C-Sections or those who are unable to travel or take baby out into public places during those first weeks. All the activities we cover in the live classes are there for you to do together at home.  We give you lots of age appropriate activities to do with your newborn to support physical and cognitive development and early emotional bonding. We work through eye-tracking and tummy time activities,  and exercises to support muscle memory and motor skills. You'll be amazed at how much your baby can do after the first few sessions. Complete with handouts, online resources to support the activities at home and membership of a WhatsApp New Mum support group.

Suitable for babies aged 0 to 12 weeks

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