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"Fantastic classes with excellent out of class support for all mums. Being a FTM myself I have found it so helpful to reach out to mums in the group for support. My little boy is now 12 weeks we have been joining Rachel and her classes since he was 5 weeks and my little boy is coming on leaps and bounds." - Emma

Babies are able to respond to external sound while still inside the womb as early as 24 weeks gestation. They can even recognise voices of immediate family members and may even dance to familiar music. This is why music is a great way to support your baby during the fourth trimester. 


During the first few months of life, a baby's neural pathways are rapidly developing, making it the ideal time to share musical play. Our Young Baby classes are specifically designed to support your newborn's early development. 


We provide gentle bonding and development activities that you and your baby can enjoy and continue at home. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to meet other parents and their babies, which can help form new friendships and support groups. 


Our classes are designed to enhance your baby's eyesight, hearing, motor skills, and early communication. Each session lasts for only 30 minutes and involves a range of activities including "tummy time" exercises and techniques for calming and soothing your baby during transitions. By the end of the class, our young babies are often hungry and tired due to the amount of learning they have done, but they are never over-stimulated. 

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