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Our Kiddibops SEND Support classes are welcoming, inclusive safe-spaces where our families get to music-play together.  We use musical-play and SALTmusic techniques, working in partnership with families whose children need extra support with speech, language, communication and social interaction skills. ​Music is used widely by Speech and Language Therapists and a huge body of scientific and educational research shows that all children, including those with ASD, respond well to musical activities and prefer them to talk-based strategies.

Musical activities are closely linked with speaking and language development,, many children are able to sing or respond to songs before they can talk. 

Rhymes and songs feature repetition which is crucial for learning. It encourages the use of the voice and the development of word sounds and structures. They are predictable and allow for children to develop them in play. 

Speech and language is all about pattern, pitch, rhythm and intonation. This makes music an ideal way to support your child.

During our Intervention, we will explain how these skills develop and how to support each stage of development. We will give you simple activities and techniques to use at home and adapt to your child's interests. We will also help you understand how your child is communicating and using music in their behaviours already, so you can spot it and find opportunities to support them in play. Sensory processing is also a very important consideration for all our children and we modify activities to suit individual sensory profiles.

We want to give parents the tools and the understanding to really support their child's musicality.

Most of all we have fun laughing, singing, dancing and playing instruments together. 

At Kiddibops,  we know music,  we know kids and we know learning! 

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