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North Birmingham, South Staffs & North Warwickshire Area 

Walmley Community Hall. 

Crawford Road,  Walmley,  Sutton Coldfield,  West Midlands.  B76 1NP


  • 9:45am - Kiddibops Babies (Newborn to Pre -walkers) 

  • 10:40am - Kiddibops Mixed Age (0 to Pre -school)

Sutton Park Grange Care Home

Birmingham Rd, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, B72 1LY


  • 2pm - Intergenerational Mixed Age Class  (0 to Pre-school)

Piccadilly Community Centre

Perryman Drive, Tamworth. B78 2EN


  • 10:40am  - Kiddibops Mixed Age (0 to Pre-school)

Leyfields Children's Centre

Masefield Drive, Tamworth. B79 8JB


  • 12:30pm  -Kiddibops Babies (Sitting to Pre-walkers)

  • 1:20pm -  Kiddibops Mixed Age (0 to Pre-school)

  • 2:20pm  -  Kiddibops SEND Music Support Class (2-4years)

Mercia Grange Care Home, Four Oaks

538 Lichfield Rd, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.  B74 4EH 


  • 10:30am  - Intergenerational Mixed Age Class (0 to Pre-school)

Sacred Heart Church,  Tamworth.

Silver Link Rd,  Glascote,  Tamworth. B77 2EA


  • 9:50am - Kiddibops Babies  (Newborn to Pre-walkers) 

  • 10:40am - Kiddibops Toddlers (Walking to  3years)

  • 11:35am  - Kiddibops Mixed Age (0 to Pre-school)

Glascote Surestart Centre, Tamworth.

Hawksworth,  Glascote,  Tamworth. B77 2HH


  • 1:50pm  -  Kiddibops SEND Music Support Class (2-4years)

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