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What our parents say...

" We’ve just finished the Newborn Development course & it was absolutely brilliant.  Rachel was so welcoming & made every class a delight! Rachel is so knowledgable about music & how it impacts babies development. We have loved the songs & little tips/activities we can do at home." - Sarah

Our Zoom Newborn courses are designed specifically to support babies from 0 to 3 months.  We know that we need to spend a bit more time helping them to develop strength in their neck muscles,  focus on moving objects and body control.

But did you know that your Newborn is born an astute and highly competent musician?

All Newborn's are born with an innate musical ability and their brains are predisposed to responding to sound before anything else. They have incredible listening skills and can process melody, pitch and timbre which enables them to communicate and develop language skills. A Newborn's brain is working and processing information at a rapid rate. This means it is easy for them to get overstimulated and anxious in a short space of time.  We design our newborn classes to be slightly shorter with small bursts of the right kind of stimulation that a newborn really needs to get their neural pathways going. 


We also know when to wind it all down,  so that they get to have a lovely long nap at the end,  and you get a well earned rest too!


Each course runs for 6 weeks and consists of 6,  30 minute weekly sessions.  During the session you and your Newborn will cuddle,  tickle, giggle, sing, smile, workout, dance and play instruments together.  Most importantly you'll be getting to know each other and sharing quality dedicated time together at home. 

During the course you will be given access to handouts with top tips, access to our exclusive WhatsApp Group and great resources you can use at home with all the family. We want to give you extra confidence in supporting your newborn's first step on their musical learning journey. 

You'll be surprised at all the new things your newborn will do after just a couple of sessions...


" Thank you Rachel.. we’ve enjoyed your newborn course .  Margaux has come such a long way and I can already see the improvement in her movements and sounds since we started your sessions .. I use the songs at home on a daily basis , Her little face lights up when she hears the songs we will be joining your baby sessions next (next age group up) would highly recommend." - Sarah

To book onto our next Zoom Newborn Development Course starting on January 13th 2023 CLICK HERE

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