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Our brand new course for Newborns is starting on 27th July at Glascote Children's Centre.

I'm so excited about this new 6 week course that focuses on Newborns up to 3 months old. As regular Kiddiboppers will tell you, I am REALLY passionate about music and am regularly gushing about some new research I've found on how music supports learning development and how it helps to stimulate the brain in amazing ways.

My youngest when he was a newborn coming to one of my classes!
My youngest when he was a newborn coming to one of my classes!

Newborn's needs are different..

Newborn brains are like supercomputers and they are expanding constantly. Neural pathways are developing in response to external stimuli and music is the most powerful stimulus of all. It can simultaneously trigger activity in multiple parts of the brain and this is the foundation for all future learning. You might think a Newborn doesn't do much and is too young to start a class, but you couldn't be more wrong!

" Babies are born with 100 billion loosely connected nerve cells in their bodies - various cognitive and mental experiences help establish and strengthen the inter-cellular connections in the brain. Scientists now believe that listening to music is a key brain-building experience "

Why come to a Newborn course?

I've put the course together over 6 weeks because this is the way your Newborn will benefit the most. After participating and exposing your baby to the structured classes over the 6 weeks, I promise you will see a change in response and interaction. Your Newborn will show increased engagement; recognition; more controlled movements in both motor skills and eye tracking, and you will be more confident as a new parent in doing activities together at home. This is what I want more than encourage more parents to participate in music-making at home.


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