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"Thank you for introducing Esmé to Kiddibops! She has absolutely loved her classes with you and has made some amazing friends! She just loves music and this class was perfect for her!"- Lucy

Our musical-play sessions are designed to boost your toddler's confidence, creativity, and coordination. They are fun and age-appropriate, and delivered by qualified experts. We acknowledge every child and take the time to build meaningful relationships based on trust and respect. We believe that learning can only take place when these relationships are established.


We understand that many children prefer to learn by observing action, so we never pressure them to participate. We encourage them to join us when they feel comfortable and respect their choices.


Our sessions follow a recognisable structure that gently leads your child through activities featuring rhymes and songs, dancing and movement, instrument play, and lots of child-led musical-play that supports speech and language, listening, and concentration skills. We begin each session with our hello song, and go on to play with our special micro-songs that are designed for children to transport into their private play.


Our toddler sessions are fully inclusive, and our class leaders use in-the-moment planning to adapt the content and keep each child happy, engaged, and learning. We don't cram our sessions with lots of fast-moving content. Children need time to repeat, process, and show their understanding, and we allow this important time in our sessions so that your child has time to learn.


We don't use gimmicks in our classes, only well-researched, educationally age-appropriate activities that celebrate your child as a unique and capable musician.

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