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Kiddibops Zoom Classes are a bit different...

Kiddibops ZOOM classes are fully interactive for everyone taking part. We want our families immersing themselves in the joy of music-making at home with their little ones.  

"Loved our first Kiddibops at home class! Forgot how much I missed them.  Ella lit up when we put it on, and I loved that it got me on to my feet too! Thank you xx"  - Olivia 

  • Our Kiddibops ZOOM classes are immense fun and all the family can get involved including the family dog!

  • Each ZOOM class is delivered by one of our qualified Early Years Music Educators. 

  • Because we focus on music-play, we like to use the objects and toys already in your home in our online play session.

  • Our Zoom classes follow the same structure that we use in venue classes. 

Our classes are inclusive and we welcome everybody.  We don't expect children at this age to sit still;  we want them to participate when they are ready to,  and process and express themselves in their own way. 

All classes include rhythmic rhymes,  songs,  movement,  guided instrument play and creative instrument play.  

So make sure you have soft toys,  instruments and homemade sound makers (including wooden spoons and tubs or bucket),  scarves and bubbles to join in the fun at home.

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